Elementary School Is An Amazing Time For Me Essay

Elementary School Is An Amazing Time For Me Essay

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In my life, I have been very fortunate to have amazing teachers and leaders who have helped me become the teacher, student and person that I am today. Unfortunately, I also had teachers who made me feel unvalued, uneducated, and sadly, unimportant. Having both types of teachers helped me to learn and grow, and I believe that I can learn many important things from all of the teachers that I’ve had, good and bad.
Elementary school was an amazing time for me. I look back now I and I realize that it was my elementary school experience as a whole that inspired me to be a teacher. I had happy, bright, beautiful teachers with a general zest for life who made me feel special and loved. One of these teachers in particular was Ms. Winkel. Ms. Winkel was my second grade teacher and I idolized everything about her, she performed in local community theatre, directed the school musical, and had a guitar that she would carry around with her as she walked around the classroom teaching us songs about learning and friendship. Due to the way she looked, acted spoke, and carried herself I hung on to every word she said. As a result, I shot several grade levels ahead in all subjects. I was beyond excited to go to school each day and I was devastated when the school year was over. She showed me that I teacher could be happy, funny, and that they could do all these things while incorporating what they love into the classroom.
As I continued through elementary school, I consistently had great teachers who taught me so many wonderful things. My third grade teacher Mrs. Hailey taught me the consequences of lying, but that it was always better to tell the truth, she taught me to love what I learned by being passionate about the subjects sh...

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...sense of spirit that made everything he said worth listening to.
Looking back at the educational experiences I’ve had that have made me who I am, I realize that I look up to and connect with teachers who are real. Teachers who teach the required curriculum but they teach it in a way that makes you actually think and feel about what you are learning. I want to be the kind of teacher who creates a classroom of kids who cares about and respects one another. I want to be the kind of teacher who shows genuine care and concern for their students. Most importantly, I want to be the kind of teacher who allows their students to think for themselves and to form their own opinions. I want to teach with music, dance, artwork, sports, and stories. I want to be able to teach kids what they need to know to succeed in an academic setting while teaching them how to succeed at life.

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