The Elementary Reading Attitude Survey Developed by Dennis J. Kear Essay

The Elementary Reading Attitude Survey Developed by Dennis J. Kear Essay

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The Elementary Reading Attitude Survey (ERAS) / © PAWS survey designed by Dennis J. Kear from Wichita State University will be used in conducting this study. It provides a suggestion of student attitudes toward reading. The survey consists of twenty items and can be administered to the entire classroom in within ten minutes. Jim David, the creator of the Garfield cartoon character, and Paws Incorporated, the copyright owner, supplied camera-ready pictures of Garfield displaying a range of emotions from happy to very upset (Kear, 2000). Each item presents a brief statement about reading, followed by four pictures of Garfield. Each pose of Garfield is designed to depict an emotional state, ranging from very positive to very negative.
To begin the survey, the teacher will point to the picture of Garfield at the far left of the first item then ask the students to look at this same picture on their own survey form. The teacher will then discuss with them the mood Garfield seems to be in (very happy). Then move to the next picture and discuss Garfield's mood (this time, a little happy). In the same way, move to the third and fourth pictures and talk about Garfield's moods - a little upset and very upset. It will be helpful to point out the position of Garfield's mouth, especially in the middle two figures.
I will explain that, together, we will read some statements about reading. The students should then think about how each statement makes them feel. They should then circle the picture of Garfield that is closest to their own feelings. The teacher will emphasize that the students should respond accordingly, to how they feel, not as Garfield should respond. The teacher will read each item aloud slowly and distinctly, th...

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...udents, more research is needed to determine if specific factor were noted in all participants that would support the increase in reading fluency.
Additional studies could determine if students of different ethnic groups, various economic backgrounds, and homogeneous or heterogeneous populations continue to see an increase in the area of reading fluency when using partnership groups or to determine if partnership groups continue to have an same effect on the increase. Evaluating these additional elements in the search to explore if partnerships do enhance student motivation in the area of reading fluency will assist others in improving student growth.
While no significant gains were noted in the area of student motivation, additional research in this area is needed to determine if specific motivational factors would contribute to an increase in motivation.

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