Elementary Class At The Chapel School Essay

Elementary Class At The Chapel School Essay

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I had the opportunity of observing Mrs. Hillier’s second grade class at The Chapel School. I observed multiple phonics lessons, some creative writing lessons, lessons related to seasons and holidays, such as fall and Thanksgiving and students doing independent reading. As I observed for several days, I noticed that the teacher often used phonics workbooks for lessons and curriculum. I would have loved to observe more interesting and intriguing activities for students to learn the concepts. The content in the workbooks were effective because it provided various different activities and students were gaining understanding, but I believe a teacher can teach in so many other ways that do not involve workbooks and worksheets. Maybe there were other activities that the teacher incorporated in her lesson and I did not have the opportunity to observe them, but through observations, all I was able to observe was guided and independent practice using the workbooks. The teacher did incorporate collaborative learning, however, it still related to using the workbooks. One day the teacher did showcase a Brian Pop video to teach a concept on vowels. I personally love brain pop videos and children seem to love them too. Brain pop videos break down concepts and make concepts more relatable to students. In addition, it incorporates a cartoon of a robot that is silly, yet smart and students love that. They often giggle and laugh so hard that it melts my heart. Through the Brain pop website, teachers have the option to give students an interactive quiz. I like this option because all students can get involved and it is a good form of assessment. The teacher is able to monitor if students are understanding concepts through the interactive quiz.

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...oes all of this mean to me as a teacher? As a teacher, this means to have fun with my lessons and include more than just workbooks in my classroom. Students will memorize an experience rather than a sheet of paper. I assume that the students in this particular class are excelling because she is an effective teacher and models so well for students. I will never take that away and I have not observed the classroom every day in order to know what other activities the teacher provides for students, but as for me, I want to have fun with my students and help them create learning experiences. I want my students to love literature and even if they do not love it, understand it. Finally, as a teacher I want to do so much more with literature instead of teaching only the basics, I want to teach the deeper meaning behind literature and how we can all relate to it in some way.

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