The Elegance Behind William Faulkner 's Literature Essay

The Elegance Behind William Faulkner 's Literature Essay

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The Elegance Behind William Faulkner’s Literature
Born September 25, 1897 in New Albany, Mississippi; William Cuthbert Falkner, titled after his great-grandfather Colonel Falkner, (the “u” was later added by William Faulkner’s own desire) is classified as a brilliant novelist, poet, scriptwriter, and author; although, in the safe bet of some critics Faulkner is mostly illustrious as a short story writer. His short stories are passionate, deep, and intense, with a mystical way of luring its readers into the deceptive community of Yoknapatawpha, an elusive township created by Faulkner to express the Mississippi atmosphere he recalled growing up in. Faulkner’s writings are said to have been composed on a remarkable scale, the balance of universal integrity among human beings. Nevertheless, it was Faulkner’s family, the places he lived, and his lifestyle that was the cutting-edge inspiration behind his writings.
Believably the best way to describe William Faulkner is by describe his heritage. Similar to a lot of his fictional characters, Faulkner was deeply affected by his family. The Faulkner family is a close and vibrant Southern family. From noticing the specific details of the world Yoknapatawpha, it could be interpreted that Faulkner descends from a higher middle class family, one somewhat not of the old-fashioned upper class ways. The male generations of Falkner’s were well respected men who left countless impacts upon William Faulkner’s life. Faulkner 's great grandfather, Colonel William Falkner, was born in 1825, at the age of fourteen he moved to Mississippi. He was a lawyer, writer, politician, soldier, and visionary who was involved in quite a lot of murder trials, including two in which he was accused. Colonel...

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...dead, but somehow endless and repeating itself; therefore history is only a block or two away from today. Although his works of fictions in general do deal with dark subjects, and a number of alarming characters; he does give emphasis to hope. Since his death, Faulkner 's work has been more fully respected. Even his funeral was a scene praiseworthy of Faulkner’s pen. In fact, his 1942 novel Go Down, Moses ends with an astoundingly similar funeral procession. A hearse carrying the lifeless body through the paths of a small northern Mississippi town on a “bright scorching” July afternoon, little by little passing before a mixed-race crowd of spectators “into the square, crossing it, circling the Confederate monument and the courthouse while the merchants and clerks and barbers and professional men . . . watched quietly from doors and upstairs windows . . .” (Faulkner)

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