Electronic Theft Act And The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Essay

Electronic Theft Act And The Digital Millennium Copyright Act Essay

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File sharing of copyright material has become a common and socially acceptable to most. With modern computers the ability to make exact copies and share them with everyone connected to internet has change the socially acceptable outdated copyright laws to a level not ever imagined when they were created. In fact most people feel that it is fine to pirate copyrighted material up until the point that someone makes money off of someone else 's work. There are different degrees of what someone will find socially acceptable, but it can be said that only thirty percent of the general public find file sharing unacceptable completely (Masnick, 2011). This could have to do with the difference in laws when it comes to file sharing in different countries.
United States File Sharing
Unites States file sharing has brought out many different laws such as the No Electronic Theft act and the Digital Millennium Copyright act. The no electronic theft act also known as NET, helped in closing a hole in the existing copyright laws. Before NET was passed only people who made any money on copyright material could be prosecuted in a court of law. Under NET if a person copyrighted $1000 they could be tried for a misdemeanor and if the copyright infringement exceeded $2500 they could be tried for a felony. This changed copyright infringement from the people selling copyrighted works to the people sharing them on the computer with each other ("United States Piracy," 2016).
Next came the Digital Millennium Copyright act known as the DMCA which went beyond the standard copyright laws. The DMCA includes protecting the means used to protect the copyright work. If a music CD had some type of protection from being copied on your computer or conv...

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...IP addresses before they start downloading a copyrighted work. The fact the in most countries it is socially acceptable to download copyright material and others that may not accept it at all (Masnick, 2011).
As with any international law you will find cultural differences and even if you are following your legal right as the copyright holder will be perceived as the bad party. If a file sharing company in Spain has 100 percent of its users in the United States, should the copyright holder pursue legal action against the file sharing company. What will the perception be from people in the United States and the people in Spain? If a court in Spain finds the file sharing company to be at fault, what perception does this give to other file sharing companies in Spain? Cultural and legal differences make international file sharing a difficult issue to properly control.

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