Electronic Recording And The Performance Of The Music Essay example

Electronic Recording And The Performance Of The Music Essay example

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Concert Paper
Many modern concert-goers of various genres of music may notice some differences between an electronic recording and the actual performance itself. For some artists, their musical strength may lie in the actual performance because their musical interpretations may have been changed by the audio engineers who may take a different approach to the music than the performer’s original interpretation. However, in some cases, the contrary may be true, where the quality music may be improved by electronically processing the sound for musical clarity and precision of performance. For the Chamber Music Society’s performance of Reflections, the former is true considering the difference in sound between the audio recording and the actual production performed on 20th of November, 2016, coupled with the fact that seeing the performance live at the concert hall undoubtedly adds to the experience of music.
The first key differences in performance of Beethoven’s “Sonata in E-flat major for Violin and Piano” between the musical recording and the actual performance was evident in the introduction of the first movement. The electronic recording has a well balanced intensity of sound between the two instruments whereas in the actual performance, the piano and the violin seemed to alternate in sound dominations many times, adding a depth of sound to the performance throughout the piece. Both musicians placed strong emphasis on the piano and the forte parts of the piece, played with equal sound intensity in parts of the piece where it was intended, and skillfully took turns alternating the differences in the volume on parts of the piece where it differed. Also, the transitions between movements were intelligible enough for an average li...

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...oenfield in 1947. The clarinet, (performed again by David Shifrin) by nature, is softer in sound compared to the other two instruments, and is prone to becoming muted in a trio with a piano and a violin. The first movement, being a joyous dance, should be played with great sound intensity, further increasing the risk of the sound of the clarinet being muted by the other two. However, David Shifrin’s solo overall managed to keep up with the volume of the other two instruments very well and ultimately lead to the ideal balance of sound between the three instruments. For this particular piece, the difference between the electronic recording heard on Spotify and the performance played by the Chamber Music Society was diminutive, as the electronic performance, presumably with the aid of electronic sound processing, had a perfectly balanced sounds between the instruments.

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