Essay on Electronic Personal Health Record - Implementation Piece

Essay on Electronic Personal Health Record - Implementation Piece

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The decision has been made; our proposal for an electronic personal health record
(EPHR) application (ap) has been accepted by the organization. Careful selection, contracting,
planning, and training, are essential to successful implementation. (Esper, Procan, Henderson,
Becker, Avitzur & Hier, 2010) Now the implementation phase will begin. Any change involving
a quality improvement program is a major undertaking. The organizations’ culture will
determine how decisions will get made and work will get done. Success is usually greatest when
there is a willingness to learn and a willingness to adapt to a new process. One promising
approach to change is the behavior change theory. (Schulte, 2007) Our project team can use a
behavior change model to help pave the road to successful implementation of the EPHR. As
illustrated in the Appendix Table 1, these eight steps to organization behavior change will be
used for our implementation plan of the EPHR.

.Implementation Phase One: Cost Analysis

The first phase of our implementation plan will look at cost analysis. The organizations
complete budget needs to be reviewed.. First step is to evaluate the total cost of the EPHR and
distribute that cost to the required activities for implementation while not forgetting to include
such hidden costs as the cost of hired trainers, publishing of training materials, licensing fees,
and salaries of staff members training instead of working. (Federcowicz, Grossman, Hayes, &
Riggs, 2010) The Appendix Table 2 illustrates the organizational activities that need to be
considered in the cost analysis phase. Each organizational activity must be represented in order
to facilitate the complete accept...

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