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Electronic Performance Monitoring Essay

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Companies (organizations) are adopting the use of various forms of modern technologies to improve their performance. Most of these technologies are implemented to check on performance and management of these organizations. The technologies are computer based and are mostly used to check employees’ performance (Ludwig & Goomas, 2010, p. 393). The technologies also help these organizations to evaluate employees based on their performance. One of such technologies is the electronic performance monitoring, which is the latest advancement (Lliopis, Gonzalez, & Gasco, 2005, p. 215).
The electronic performance monitoring (EPM) advancement refers to application of technology to check what employees do while at work. In other words, this technology monitors workers’ productivity output, which includes how effectively the employees utilize their work time (Lliopis, Gonzalez, & Gasco, 2005, p. 218). The organizations, which have installed EPM in their premises, have an easy task of monitoring the interruptive activities their employees get involved in. Such activities include making and receiving phone calls and receiving and sending personal mails among others (Ludwig & Goomas, 2010, p. 394).
EPM has advantages as well as disadvantages. However, the advantages are more pronounced than the disadvantages. For instance, the electronic device helps to save time in an organization. The device has the ability to gather metric data annually and is able to use the human resource formulas, as well as evaluate and grade employees based on their performance. EPM also ensures that appraisals are only viewed by the individuals who they are intended for (Lliopis, Gonzalez, & Gasco, 2005, p. 222). This has a positive effect on the company since it enh...

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