Electronic Music Has Become The New Hit Genre Essays

Electronic Music Has Become The New Hit Genre Essays

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In recent years pop electronic music has become the new hit genre among many listeners. The repetition of sounds in a single form is a popular art form for artists to easily manipulate and with the help of new recording technologies, it is an extremely easy process to produce several pieces. But even with the availability of Avant-garde technologies, there are still artists who come up with creative ways to be expressive even with sound by using not so common materials. Zimoun, a Swiss artist who was never been traditionally trained, considers himself an autodidact. He produces his work simply from instinct, usually having no direct inspiration or reference, and this sense of freedom shines through his pieces giving him an undeniable artistic value. He translates the digital editing process into a visual and physical presentation, therefore making the process the main focus, rather than just moving from the beginning to end. Starting at a young age Zimoun had been intrigued with all aspects of the arts. And with the combination of all these components he came to realize the viable role sound plays even in the visual art fields. Furthermore, Zimoun began to explore the possibilities of different structures that could be produced by using minimal, but effective materials. In his interview with Marco Mancuso, Zimoun explains that his “focus lies on the altercation between void, density, space, structure, interfacing, statics and balance.” He is constantly inspired by the movement and evolving of living and static structures in a specific given space. This growing interest of movement and evolvement pushes him to choose his materials very carefully that will generate systematic structures in a specific manner. Zimoun’s use ...

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... the overpowering number of technological devices that consume our daily lives. His work can be described as a meeting point for minimalism and modernism. Even though the installations at first seems to be simple and lacking a message but when the audience really explores the piece they come to the realization it is more than just a piece of art, it is an experience. The audience has a one of a kind experience because of the alterations the bodies cause in the space, once again reminding us of how the existence of technology is not only altered by us but also by our surroundings. Zimoun is conveying a very important message about where we stand today in our society. And by using his artistic abilities he is shedding light on a matter that goes rather unnoticed. This powerful use of sending a message shows how the arts can be used to do more than just paint an idea.

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