Essay on Electronic Monitoring Is Not Effective As A Community Corrections

Essay on Electronic Monitoring Is Not Effective As A Community Corrections

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Crime and punishment. Those two words seem to go together, as one can be seen as the problem (Crime) and the other is the solution (punishment). But sometimes the punishment that is chosen for the offender is not always effective in community corrections. Especially when it comes to electronic monitoring. Electronic monitoring is not effective as a community corrections. In this paper it will cover what electronic monitoring is, and how it is not a deterrence in either location of the crime is where the offender is supposed to be or that offenders can commit crime while wearing the monitor or that it is not taken seriously as a punishment. It will also cover or how house arrest can restrict movements and limit job searches, and recharging problems can cause technical violations.
Electronic monitoring, is a device, a gadget or a tool that the police can use to track an offender’s location. It is a form of punishment that is handed down by the court intent on restricting where, when or how far the offender can go. It can limit an offender’s movements, or give an offender a curfew. Electronic monitoring has been around since the 80’s and technology has grown significantly since then; (giant cell phones with antennas that extended the height and qualified for its own seat on the rollercoaster, to the modern pocket sized mobile/cell phone that can download games and play apps.) It comes in an ankle bracelet with either GPS or a radio signal to track the movements of the offender by the police. According to Kilgore “In terms of actual devices, most EM systems currently employ some kind of ankle bracelet and an electronic box set up in the home which sends information to the monitoring authority through a land line telephone.” (Kilgore,...

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