The Electronic Medical Record System

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 There is a lack of economic information related to establishing, implementing and sustaining the discharge navigation program. It was very difficult to get the project financed. Initially it was difficult to get top leadership support for the financing of the program.  There is a lack of communication and lack of prompt medical treatment exchange between the outpatient and inpatient provider, which inhibits providers from delivering highest quality care and prevents patients from making subsequent follow-up visits. Because of the different electronic medical record system used between the hospitals and CDCR it is very difficult to exchange the health information and keep the PCP updated about the patient’s health. Working with hospitals to correct this issue is very challenging as it is very critical to protect patient health information and be HIPAA compliant.  It is difficult to engage providers and patients at each point along the care of the patient. Patients are not educated enough to understand what is best for them and find it very difficult to navigate the health system because of issues like language barriers or cultural beliefs or even transportation. Providers should be more culturally competent and be sensitive towards patient’s beliefs and respect their culture. Seeking health care services for our Mextico patients is very challenging as they do not understand or speak any other language and if Mixteco interpreters are not available at the hospital than it is really challenging to treat them and provide them with continuity of care. Section 2: Recommendations In this section of your paper, please describe any outstanding activities that you were not able to accomplish. Outline your recommendations for the next ... ... middle of paper ... ...u tell them are especially useful? The advice I would like to give another student for the comparable experience is to make sure to take any project seriously and devote your time to it. You will need a lot of determination, hard work, and dedication. Do not let any disappointments deter you. Look at the goals and stay focused. Always take feedbacks in a positive way and never give up. Although all the courses were great and I enjoyed taking all of them, but my favorite one was Program Development in Health Promotion. This course assisted me a lot with my internship project as I was able to take this internship project with a basic understanding of program planning and implementation. Another course which helped me was Public Health Leadership as during internship your leadership skills are tested and you need strong leadership skills to navigate your internship.
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