Essay on Electronic Health Records And Its Effects On Health Care

Essay on Electronic Health Records And Its Effects On Health Care

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Electronic Health Records (EHRs) have drastically changed health care. From quality to efficiency, EHRs have transformed Health Care from an inaccurate, inefficient, and problematic system to a system that is much more reliable. Electronic Health Records do have their drawbacks; however, they are much more reliable than a paper system. Through the Affordable Care Act the government is now requiring EHRs to be implemented to receive benefits. Not only that, but the clinic will receive benefits per physician for implementing earlier than other clinics. Meaningful Use may be coming to an end, but many clinics have already implemented a system, which will carry on the policy for years to come. Two main jobs have been created from this: Health Informaticians and Scribes. Health Informaticians analyze data produced by the Electronic Health Records to produce reports and find flaws in the business structure. The other position, scribes, are medically trained professionals to input data into the EHR for the doctor. These two positions are created by this and are able to fix many of the complaints from EHRs. EHRs are a useful tool if they are used properly, and are able to create a much more secure way of recording a visit. Through these two positions, the focus of healthcare has shifted from a relationship of doctor-patient, to doctor-scribe-patient. In addition to this, the health Informaticians are able to show relationships to the physicians in order to help predict demographical symptoms. To put this in a non-technical form, data just became much more useful.
Each year, 3.2 billion prescriptions are written. According to Time Magazine, 1.5 million people are injured or killed from preventable medicinal mistakes. Meaningful Use is a po...

... middle of paper ...

...quiring these systems. Since the 1960’s, America has transformed health care drastically, from implementing extremely basic documentation techniques, to incorporating databases for permanent storage and usability. Each year, misread prescriptions, caused mostly by illegible handwriting from physicians, results in over 100,000 deaths per year (Caplan, 2007). Since there are so many preventable deaths, the government has decided to enforce quality of care.
This technical report will discuss the brief history of the electronic health record implementation, the reason a system is important, and why purchasing the proper system is needed. This will include a cost-benefit analysis, which will show the benefits of this. I will not be specifically discussing each EHR, as the paper would then go off topic and would no longer be a technical report, but would be more of a blog.

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