Electronic Health Record Systems ( Ehr ) Comes Under Health Informatics Essay

Electronic Health Record Systems ( Ehr ) Comes Under Health Informatics Essay

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Health informatics is one of the emerging fields in today’s world. In this field, information technology is used in healthcare to improve business. Health informatics systems can improve medical care, reduce duplicate procedures/tasks and automates manual tasks. Electronic health record systems (EHR) comes under Health informatics. EHR systems are real time patient centric information resource for practioners, which represents a major domain of health information technology (HIT). EHR products proved to provide better care for patients by reducing the incidence of medical errors, allowing access to evidence based tools to make decisions about patient care etc. [41]. In 2007, Minnesota legislature passed a law that requires all health care providers in the state to implement an interoperable electronic EHR (Electronic Healthcare Record) system by January 1, 2015 (Minn. Stat. §62J.495) which increased the use of EHR even more [42].
With this increasing use of EHRs, healthcare professionals are expected to be knowledgeable and skilled in using EHR before graduation. In order to provide training and hands-on experience of EHR to students, Nursing schools are facing challenges to bring commercial EHR to classrooms due to high cost of software and hardware. To solve this challenge, the concept of Academic EHR is being introduced. Academic EHR is a simulation based EHR solution which enables students to electronically chart patient data and get used to different navigations and workflows. It also has case studies and scenarios which will help them to analyze their nursing skills and improve their knowledge. Though we have few commercial academic EHRs in market, very few medical/nursing schools are actually using it due to high subscript...

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...Figure 2.2 Conceptual overview of EHR [3]
The workflow of EHR in any hospital or clinic can be described using Figure 2.3. It explains the process involved when a patient visits the hospital. Front office staff registers the patient or schedules appointment if the patient already exists in database.

Figure 2.3 Workflow of EHR [3]
2.2.3 Comparison between EHR and paper-based record
Figure 2.4 shows the comparison between paper-based record and electronic health record.
Electronic health records differ from paper-based records in the way they are organized, shared and accessed.
Paper-based records are dispersed across different medical facilities and often incomplete, contributing to unnecessary treatment. These are also inefficient because new providers have to retrieve a patient’s chat from multiple offices. On the other hand, EHR reduces redundancies across

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