Essay on Electronic Health Record ( Ehr )

Essay on Electronic Health Record ( Ehr )

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Electronic health record (EHR) is a health history of an individual or a patient which is documented in specific formation into a database so that it is easily identified and tracked for a specific patient. EHRs are designed to collect and compile the information so that physician or other healthcare providers can access or share results such as laboratories and specialists, within a scope of patient’s care and abiding HIPAA policies. It also contains information such as identity details, demographics, medical and family history, history of hospitalizations, possible allergies, results of diagnostic imaging, laboratory tests as well as the identity of health professionals and medical units that have already provided healthcare in the past.
Paper records are written and are often kept charts in special holders and easily accessible by any individuals or other authorized staff to quickly find the patient 's charts. Just as in electronic record, it also does contain vital information regarding the patient and their medical history.
Similarities are that both records contain critical information of the patients as described above. However, differences are enormous when using both types of health records. Electronic health records assist in easily identifying a patient with demographic and other information provided. It not only assesses individuals in regards to certain parameters such as blood pressure, vaccinations, diabetic levels but alerts clinicians if the parameters fluctuate or missing of a diagnostic testing. It also allows patients to have immediate access to their own health records and provides online education to prevent any diseases ( Davis, N., & LaCour, M., 2014). EHR also contains link to send reminders and improv...

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...amounts of data loss, security breaches, and targeted hacking of systems on a regular basis (Schilling, 2011). Decrease in revenue during the months of implementation of the system, planning, training, and workflow restructure are what usually comes with switching to an EHR system (Schilling, 2011).
Overall, the goal of both levels electronic health record and paper records is to deliver efficient and effective healthcare services in quest of the well-being of individuals. Electronic health record has provided increase amount of evidence to indicate that this system creates efficiencies and boost productivity within clinical environments. It not only provides better tools to track prevention and wellness of chronic conditions but educates individuals regarding the diseases (Goldwater, J. C., Kwon, N. J., Nathanson, A., Muckle, A. E., Brown, A., & Cornejo, K. (2014).

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