Electronic Cigarettes Should Be Outlawed Essay

Electronic Cigarettes Should Be Outlawed Essay

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Electronic Cigarettes should be outlawed
Electronic cigarettes are more accessible to kids aged 18 and under. Today in the U.S there is a debate about cigarettes being outlawed. Although people in the U.S believe that e cigs should be outlawed because they are easier to access for kids under the age 18 they are causing kids to get hurt by e cigs; however some people might say E-cigs are enjoyable and are better than regular cigarettes.
Others might say that E-cigs are just nothing but water vapor and can’t harm you. But, what they don’t know is that it’s more than just water vapor there is a lot of poisonous chemicals involving the liquid. Electronic cigarettes shouldn’t be outlawed because they are beneficial for regular cigarette smokers. Some people believe that e cigs are not harmful and are actually better to use than regular cigarettes. E-cigs are less harmful than regular cigarettes. They mimic the sensations of traditional cigarettes but do not burn or create tobacco smoke or ashes. Nor do they contain tar, the main cause of cancer in smokers”. e cigs bring lots of health advantages to smokers they are less harmful for smokers. For example, E-cigs can help regular smokers cut down on smoking cigarettes. Regular smokers can smoke spend less on cigarettes and incest in having an E-cig. Some might say they are cheaper than spending more than 20 dollars or more on three boxes of cigarettes. They think that is is beneficial for smoker who are having hard time trying to quit smoking and this could be an alternative for them instead having to quit. E-cigs have a tremendous untapped potential to positively change the lives of adult smokers of traditional cigarettes. They are more accessible to kids under 18 and they can be very...

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...er than smoking. While protecting non-smoking children and ensuring the products on the market are as safe and effective as possible are clearly important goals, new regulations currently planned should also maximise the public health opportunities of E-Cigs. Electronic cigarettes are harming teens because they know what’s in electronic cigarettes and is causing to hurt their bodies more because they dont know whats in the liquid that’s providing with the electronic cigarettes.
Smokers usually start developing eye conditions around the age 50 but non smokers is increasing and they are developing eye conditions at a younger age. Traditional tobacco smokers remain most at risk, with double the chances of developing an eye condition known as age-related macular degeneration whilst research indicates that smoke from e-cigarettes can cause eye irritation such as dry eye.

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