Electroconvulsive Therapy Research Essay

Electroconvulsive Therapy Research Essay

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Electroconvulsive Therapy, a procedure in which electric currents are passed through the brain, intentionally triggering a brief seizure, can provide relief from psychiatric illnesses such as major depression and dysthymia. Currently in the U.S., depression and dysthymia is becoming a serious problem for teenagers today. According to Teen Help, “about 20 percent of teens will experience teen depression before they reach adulthood.”(Teen Help) Treatment of adolescents with clinical depression is difficult, involving pharmacologic, psychotherapeutic, educational, and family interventions. Medication has a limited role because of its lack of efficacy, its minimal effect on etiologic factors, and the frequent noncompliance of adolescents. Treatment with ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) is proven, based on positive clinical studies, to treat depression effectively. ECT ultimately heals the illness quickly with only 3 treatments a week for one month. Unlike medications, which only begin treating after a year. Physicians should promote strong therapeutic treatments such as electroconvulsive therapy. The lack of attention of depression has become worse throughout the years in America. Because of its positive rating of treatment, Electroconvulsive therapy can treat adolescents with depression and dysthymia.
In contrast to the treatment of depression in adults, medication has a limited role for treating adolescent depression. ECT can heal depression in approximately one month according to scientific research “there is considerable variability in the trajectories, but most commonly there is progressive symptomatic improvement within the first week and complete remission within 3 to 4 week.”(Avery) Adolescents are likely to be noncomplian...

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