Electricity Policy Reform and Responsible Government in India Essay example

Electricity Policy Reform and Responsible Government in India Essay example

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With many different religious, ethnic, and social groups, the Republic of India is a unique and diverse state. Since gaining independence, India has faced a challenge of encouraging the variegated people within its borders to embrace and celebrate a common Indian identity even while nurturing their distinct cultures and traditions. This diversity is reflected throughout social and political challenges in Indian society. Although the different federal states are given a certain amount of leeway to accommodate for the population’s heterogeneity, the central government maintain a great amount of power for purpose of holding the nation together. As India has developed, one of its focuses has been the energy sector and increasing Indian citizens’ access to electricity. The government has historically carried a large influence over India’s vital electricity sector,. Electricity is a concurrent subject under the Constitution, falling under the purview of both the central government and the states. Whether by influencing the electricity sector through private companies collaborating with the central government or acting directly through state-owned companies and bureaucracies, India has maintained a large degree of centralized control over the electricity sector. Since passing the Energy Conservation Act of 2001, the government has pursued a national policy of increasing Indian electricity independence and access. In order to meet these goals, India has used state-owned enterprises and bureaucratic institutions to maintain direct control over the sector. However, the Electricity Act of 2003 reformed India’s electricity policy, allowing for more electricity sector privatization and fewe...

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