Essay on Electricity Impacts on Human and Environment

Essay on Electricity Impacts on Human and Environment

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Ever since its discovery, electricity has played a major role in many aspects of human life in a positive and negative way. For instance, the availability of cheap electricity has positively influenced different facets of human life. However, the generation of electricity has also caused a negative impact on the environment.
The availability of cheap electricity brings many benefits for humans in many ways. In homes and offices, electricity has helped humans in working and doing activities. Computers, televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators and internet are just a few and important things that rely on electricity. Without electricity, humans cannot access the internet, work using a computer, watch television shows, and many more, which proves that electricity is very important in homes and offices.
Industries also rely heavily on electricity. Most machines in an industry can only operate with the supply of electricity. If machines are not used, the productivity of that industry will decrease, this may eventually led to the bankruptcy of that industry. Therefore, electricity is needed in industries.
The use of fossil fuels in transportation can be replaced by electricity. Currently, scientists and manufacturers have been developing electric cars for the future as a result of the pollution caused by most cars. The idea of using electricity for transportations is great because unlike fossil fuels, electricity can be obtained from non-renewable sources such as sun. Electricity can also be applied for health care. For instance, the treatment of patients with kidney disease can be done by using hemodialysis machine. This machine needs electricity in order to filter the patient’s blood.
Electricity brings some uses in agriculture...

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...ion of the environment due to depletion of resources such as water, land and air. Only 2.5 percent of water in the world (including rivers) is available for human use. For example, if industries directly dispose the industrial wastes into the river, the river will be polluted, thus the amount of fresh water in the world decreases, this leads to water deterioration. Water deterioration contributes the most in the degradation of environment. Finally, it can be concluded that electricity brings negative impact to the environment.
In conclusion, electricity has brought many benefits for human in homes and offices, industries, transportation, and many more. Yet it also brings some negative impacts on the environment. Nonetheless, regardless of the positive and negative impacts, electricity proved to be reliable and have a large portion in different facets of human life.

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