Electrical and Conventional Cars Essay

Electrical and Conventional Cars Essay

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Over nine million people in the Philippines were affected due to an enormous and strong tornado called “typhoon Haiyan” which took place in early November 2013. This tornado has resulted in the destruction of three whole islands of the series of the Philippines islands. This event calls to mind the previous historical tornados that resulted in massive destruction. The tornado Sandi, a strong tornado, hit the United States in September 2012 and translated its power as devastation in the south eastern coast of Miami, Florida. This topic gets narrower illustrating the change that occurred due to the human activities that altered the environmental balance. For instance, exhaust fumes from cars we drive every day. Many people argue that this environmental change is not a result of human activity, but as a matter of fact, it is the result of the ever changing nature that never stops. In addition, these arguments even suggest that this change is crucial; that it helps the people living on this planet to continue their life cycle in a way that the environment balances all of the positive and negative effects. This environmental balancing phenomenon forms by summing it up to result in a net zero change in the environmental status toward the human beings living on this planet. However, the excessive change that we are witnessing in the last two decades is beyond expectations. Therefore, the overall impact of human activities by gasoline cars, impact the environment through their process of manufacture and consumption compared to electric cars, which need to replace gasoline cars because of their ability to consume renewable resources of fuel, and to be more environmentally friendly.
Many people argue that governments should not dedicate a l...

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...le as possible along with being friendly with the environment that the whole humanity lives in. It is time today, more than any time before, to implement practical steps to rescue the “soul” of this environment that is suffering from various harmful activities that are caused by human beings, before a point is reached where it would be too late for us to fix the environmental status or even to change our habits that we were used to it.

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