The Electoral Simulation Of The Election Simulation Essay

The Electoral Simulation Of The Election Simulation Essay

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Throughout the Election Simulation, I worked with my cartoonist group Fariha, Tasniya, Ariane, and Flo to come up with ideas to draw for the newspaper based on what we learned and observed about all the Democratic and Republican Candidates. We worked together to come up with a logo for the newspaper and after we decided on the logo for HawkWord with the title HawkWord and the hawk in the middle. We transformed it to the computer to edit the logo. This was a great experience and I enjoyed doing this because as the media group we were all working in different groups and assigned different stories and topics so that our newspaper for HawkWord was successful. As a part of the media group, I think it is very important of what we publish in the newspaper because once the newspaper is complete, everyone including the underclassmen check the newspaper to learn what was going around during the Election Simulation. However, as a cartoonist we drew based on what we saw and heard from the Candidates. We worked as a group to come up with specific ideas and then each week a person drew the cartoon based on the ideas we agreed upon for that week. For instance, one event that was important during the Election Simulation, was the Candidate Debate held on October 29. This debate was important because everyone in the school was able to hear the voices of all the Democratic and Republican Candidates.
We made sure we attended major events that involved the Candidates like the Pep Rally, Bake Sales, Candidates Debate and the Special Interest Fair during lunch bands. However, people were able to learn more about the Candidates plans for the future, personality and how they were going to change the society. However, there were many arguments between th...

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...on their laws and policies. People should be confident in who they vote for during the Election because every vote counts. It is important that everyone votes during the election and are aware of all the Candidates. There are many people in different states who just vote without any knowledge of the Candidates which is why this is very important for people to take into consideration. Everyone who is 18 years and older should vote in the Election.
Therefore, throughout the Election Simulation Game I enjoyed being a part of it as being involved in the media group. Overall, our publication of HawkWord was successful and we were able to have all our stories, photographs, and cartoon completed on time. I experienced and observed various new things and were able to be a part of the Election Simulation Game this year, finally in senior year, after watching other people in my

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