Electoral College: Tyranny of the Majority Essay

Electoral College: Tyranny of the Majority Essay

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With a Presidential election year upon us, the United States’ national election process will once again take its place at center stage of American politics. 200 years after the Electoral College’s creation, it still serves its intended purpose, but the increasing social and political awareness in America has caused a need to look at reform in this process. The question that should be asked by every citizen as they participate in the vote next year is if the Electoral College enables the wishes of the people to be truly represented? Reforming the practice of choosing the American President, though, would have Constitutional implications and the political philosophy of our country would be subject to much discussion. Through analyzing the Framer’s intent behind creating the Electorate, along with the aspects of this institution that spark debate, a common sense alternative can be created, as opposed to absolute abolishment. America prides itself as being the world’s leading democracy, but to continue to use the Electoral College as it is today creates a misrepresentation of the will of the people in the election of what is perhaps the most important posting in the world, the American President.
The Framers of our Constitution faced many ethical and philosophical questions as they were building up our nation’s foundation from the ashes of revolution. America had established its independence from British monarchy and the Founders were determined to create a free republic. In the wake of the first failed attempt at government, under the Articles of Confederation, the delegates of the states sought to construct an entirely new document. The basic principles of republicanism, federalism, separation of powers, and checks and balances ...

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...rm to resist creating a monarchy or direct democracy when building our nation. In choosing a republic mold, they placed the power of the nation in both the hands of the people and the elected officials. This republican philosophy is seen in every level of our government, including our Electoral College. To abolish this system would put too much power in the hands of the people. To keep this system as it is, though, does not represent the true national will. A balance must be struck. By enacting the districting system, I believe that the intent behind the Electoral College will still be preserved, while the people’s will is better served. The process should be reformed to not only increase the weight of every American vote, but to ensure that we continue to evolve as a nation and embody the democratic values that we hold today.

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