The Electoral College System Of The United States Essay

The Electoral College System Of The United States Essay

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The United States of America is often touted as the guiding beacon of democracy for the entirety of the modern world. In spite of this tremendous responsibility the political system of the United States retains some aspects which upon examination appear to be significantly undemocratic. Perhaps the most perplexing and oft misunderstood of these establishments is the process of electing the president and the institution known as the Electoral College. The puzzle of the Electoral College presents the American people with a unique conundrum as the mark of any true democracy is the citizens’ ability to elect their own ruling officials. Unfortunately, the Electoral College system dilutes this essential capacity by introducing an election by proxy method in which the candidate who receives the majority of votes is not always elected to office.
In order to identify the true issues that accompany the Electoral College, it is important to first identify whether this system is a failure to uphold political ideologies or simply a failure of the layperson to fully grasp semantic variation. Perhaps the first argument that can be made against the Electoral College is that the system was developed somewhat hastily and as a last resort. Essentially, the plan for the Electoral College was adapted from an earlier proposal which had been voted down by framers. Regrettably, as time was running short for the Constitutional Convention desperation may have played a role in affecting the vote and the Electoral College was passed as the system for presidential election. (Dahl, 74-75)
More alarming than the controversial situation surrounding the passage of the Electoral College resolution are the underlying motives for settling on such a system....

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...popular vote is elected to the office of president. However, I would include a primary election which allowed for two candidates from each political party to be placed on the final presidential election ballot. This would allow for more choice and greater diversity of candidates in the actual election of a president. I would also adopt Dahl’s suggestion for dealing with elections in which no candidate wins the majority by holding run-off elections to determine the final winner. (Dahl, 86) It is my fervent belief that the United States, as “the beacon of democracy for the world”, must adopt an electoral system befitting its unofficial title. Thus, it stands to reason that through adopting a system of direct democracy the United States’ can ensure that every citizen is fairly represented and has an equal ability to engage in and influence the political process.

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