The Electoral College Is An Outdated And Unrealistic Arrangement Essay

The Electoral College Is An Outdated And Unrealistic Arrangement Essay

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The Electoral College is an outdated and unrealistic arrangement that caters to eighteenth century federalist America in a way that is detrimental to modern democracy. The electoral college gives too much power to the government, overlooks equal representation, and creates loopholes that do not serve to help America thrive.
The Electoral College, What the Heck is That?
The electoral college is a group of five hundred and thirty-eight people who, every four years, decide our countries president and vice president. This number is created by taking the House of Representatives (four hundred and thirty-eight members elected per stated based upon population), The Senate (Two representatives elected per state), and three representatives from the District of Columbia. States earn electoral votes by the amount of people that live in that said state. Every state (excluding Maine and Nebraska) have an all or nothing policy. For example the Republican candidate gets 51% of the popular vote in Florida; that candidate will be award all twenty-nine of Florida’s electoral votes. It seems simple, right?
Hold on a minute, How Did We End Up Here in the First Place?
To begin with, the electoral college helped found this country. This was written into the into the constitution. The electoral college is the love child of the Founding Fathers and a necessity for a third party. Because of the way that politics worked in the eighteenth century, there was many candidates and they all came from small regions. It was increasingly difficult for a candidate to gain support from anyone who wasn 't living in the same county let alone the same state. This meant that there would have been a ton of ties between 4 or 5 regional candidates, thus creating a flaw...

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...ectoral votes. Nevertheless, it only ends up with eighteen, two less than they should have. While on the other hand, Wyoming gets 0.56% of the vote even though they only make up 0.18% of the American population. All the while, California is 10 votes shy of proper representation. At the end of the day the electoral college either over exaggerates the population the true population of almost every state. As recently as 2016, there has been four times where a candidate won the popular vote yet lost the election. This means our democratic system has a 7% fail rate. Our government has and will fail this country seven out of a hundred tries. Our nation 's future does not deserve to be treated with this massive amount of flippancy. While this system may have been a perfect fit for the federalist government of the eighteenth century, it is causing a twentieth century problem.

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