The Electoral And Electoral College System Essay

The Electoral And Electoral College System Essay

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In the Electoral College system, every state has one electoral vote for each congressman and senator. Congressman is allotted by population and every state has two senators, so Rhode Island, which has basically nobody in it, has three electoral votes. California, with 53 representatives and two senators, has 55 electoral votes. The states choose electors and the electors meet in what is called the Electoral College to pick a president. In practice, nearly every state has passed a law that the electors will all vote for the popular vote winner in their state, but as the Supreme Court said in Bush v. Gore, the people of the United States do not have a constitutional right to pick the president. A state could, if it felt like it, select the electors by coin toss, party affiliation and could let them vote how they liked. It should be scrapped because it is undemocratic.
It is clear that if the Electoral College were not already in the constitution, it would toss out as completely unconstitutional. As a Californian, my vote for president is worth 1/3 that of an Alaskan or Rhode Island. One reason Bush won in 2000 is that his support was spread over small states with their extra senators. Democracy is in principle wedded to the idea of one citizen, one vote. The Electoral College is an insult to that principle and discredits our democracy.
With or without point one, the Electoral College can pick a popular vote loser as president. It doesn 't happen often, but when it does, it is as much or more an insult to democracy as lopsided vote values. People who support it can go on all they like about the "subtle brilliance of the framers in balancing urban power with rural" or rubbish like that, but any system that awards a victory to the los...

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...l, since they tip Republican in the aggregate.
Without the Electoral College, candidates would campaign to get as many individual votes as possible in every state, instead of focusing on states that provide key electoral votes. Each vote would make a difference and voters would feel they truly had a stake in the elections, which could lead to increased voting across the country. With a system of direct election, all votes would be equally important and equally sought after. We need to abolish the Electoral College and make our presidential elections one person, one vote.
Regardless of other flaws in the system, it should be the case that our constitution accords its citizens a right to participate in the selection of the president. It probably won 't happen, but it should. If it ever does, it will have to be over the slumped, twitching body of the Electoral College.

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