The Election Of President Abraham Lincoln Essay

The Election Of President Abraham Lincoln Essay

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We are so politically divided today that it can break friendships, marriages, etc. Has it always been that way? I used to find adults fighting like children over political parties amusing and entertaining. I always wondered why people fought so passionately over politics like their lives absolutely depend on it. I recently found out how America was born out of deeply divided opinion. A majority of people wanted to be faithful to the King while the other majority wanted the opposite. After gaining independence from Great Britain, Federalists wanted a strong central government while the Democratic-Republicans wanted a government where the majority has the say in the government (Democracy). In the election of President Abraham Lincoln, the country was severely divided. The South would even go as far as not putting his name on the ballot because Lincoln he was not in favor of slavery. They felt that he was a threat to their way of living in the south. We have been separated by groups politically and socially way before the beginning. That has traveled with us through the hundreds and hundreds of years being in this soil. Deep traditions are hard to break, no matter how questionable they may seem.

In this day and age, democracy is the most popular and more sought after form of government today. It hasn’t always been that way. Common Sense helped changed that and is the most influential piece of writing in American History. A huge majority of people in Colonial America did not want to cut ties with the king at all. A man named Thomas Paine wrote the Common Sense with excellent persuasion the same majority that gaining independence from Great Britain is the only solution to the war. With just one book, a majority of colonial A...

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...avery ended over a 150 years ago. Jim Crow Laws ended over 50 years ago, but there are still very strong, racial tensions in this country. Especially when the topic of police brutality is brung up. How did this happen? Where did it come from? The racism that prominently exists today traces back to the day we were suddenly separated not by religion, wealth, or even interests, but by race. The declaration of 1705 in the Virginia Assembly pinpointed the official racial segregation between whites and people of color that we are all familiar with to a certain degree. The law said, in context, that everyone who wasn’t English was to be a slave for life. For over a 150 years, that practice socially, politically, and economically separated the races. Socially, we are very separated to the extent where in some places in this country we do not even socialize with each other.

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