Essay about Eleanor Roosevelt 's Life Before The White House

Essay about Eleanor Roosevelt 's Life Before The White House

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This report will describe Eleanor Roosevelt’s life before the White House, her family, her greatest life achievements and the lasting impact she had. Suffering great losses and tragedy as a young child, she worked through these hard times and like coal under pressure with the right influences over time she turned into a precious diamond. She has helped this nation an abundance of times over her many years of devotion to her values and a lot of challenging work.
A little over 230 years ago in New York, New York a baby named Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was brought into this world by her two parents, Anna Hall and Elliott Roosevelt (“Eleanor Roosevelt.” Nearly five years later, in 1889, the Roosevelt family added a new member. His name was Elliott Roosevelt Jr., Anna Eleanor Roosevelt’s little brother. In 1891, two years after their previous child, came the third and final edition to their small family, a second baby boy, this one by the name of Gracie Hall Roosevelt.
After having merely two years for this seemly privileged family to settle down, misfortune struck. On December 7th 1892 Anna Hall Roosevelt, mother of three and a caring wife, died due to diphtheria. Diphtheria is a highly-contagious disease causing inflammation of the throat making it difficult to breathe and swallow, and can also cause heart and nerve damage due to the bacterial toxin in the blood.
Elliott Roosevelt, Eleanor’s father, spent nearly all of the next two years after his wife’s death raising their three children on his own. No one knows why, but some hypothesize that because of stress and grief is why at the age of 34 Elliott Roosevelt attempted to take his own life. He hurdled himself out of a window, the initial attempt failed, however he suff...

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...ewspaper columns (“Eleanor Roosevelt” and “Eleanor Roosevelt” Bio).
Finally on November 7th 1962 in the same place as her birth (New York, New York) she died of tuberculosis at the age of 78. She exceeded the life expectancy for women in 1962 (about 67 years) by 11 years. She was buried new to her husband on the Roosevelt estate in Hyde Park (“Eleanor Roosevelt”  
Even though Eleanor suffered great tragedy throughout her life with the death of her parents at an early age, the loss of her third born child, Franklin, and the death of her husband when she was merely 61 years of age. She became a remarkable woman who lived a long prosperous life to the age of 78. She has left a huge impact on many who she crossed paths with. To some she is a hero but on thing we can all agree on is that without her involvement, things would be a lot different.

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