Eleanor Roosevelt 's Influence On Society Essay

Eleanor Roosevelt 's Influence On Society Essay

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Eleanor Roosevelt, whose life did not look promising in the beginning with the loss of both her parents early on, ended up changing a worldShe then went to live with her grandmother who sent her to Allenswood Academy for girls. Described as an astute and observant child who had self confidence issues. There Eleanor studied under Marie Souvestre, a dedicated feminist. Eleanor would not finish school there as she hoped. Being called home Eleanor returned, at the age of 19 , as the niece of the president of the United States of America, Teddy Roosevelt. Eleanor began a relationship with her fifth cousin Franklin, the following year he proposed. They married in 1905. Their marriage was tested when Franklin cheated on Eleanor, she offered him a divorce but he declined saying it would hurt his political campaign. Eleanor put up with Franklin all the way to the white house in 1933, the year Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elected, and ended making a tremendous impact. Although Eleanor Roosevelt, would have had less impact on society without her husband during her time in political power she managed and achieved a lifetime of accomplishments that led to the improvement of our society.
Eleanor’s realization of the injustices faced towards women forced her to make the moral decision to take a stand to the unequal treatment between men and women. Eleanor Roosevelt held press conferences. She was the first First Lady to ever hold a press conference. These press conferences were special and new due to the fact that only women were allowed to report. This created an immense amount amount of jobs for women in the news business because it encouraged news stations ,who formerly did not employ female reporters, to hire them. This led to an increas...

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...esegregation would force social interaction, wrote a letter to Eleanor describing her fears. Eleanor responded to her concerns through a letter on May 13,1944 . Eleanor said that “[she has] not advocated social equality between black and whites. The only thing [she has] advocated for are the four basic rights, the rights for equal education, equal pay, right to justice under the law and the right to participate in making laws.” This calmed down the chaos and fears the people had. Eleanor strived to create a harmonious society without segregation and with her impact it all became possible. Eleanor and the blacks both strived to improve the education.
Overall Eleanor Roosevelt was able to impact the world in so many ways. Through the improvement of the equality between genders and races.She improved the quality of life for many civilians and will always be remembered.

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