Eleanor Roosevelt : A Great Leader Of Her Time Essay

Eleanor Roosevelt : A Great Leader Of Her Time Essay

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Great Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and time periods. One of those Great Leaders is Eleanor Roosevelt, a hard working mother, wife and politician’s right hand. She spent her time as First Lady changing the role of the First Lady. No longer would she be expected to keep house and entertain only, but make a difference in her own way, and make a name for herself that can stand alone from her husband. Eleanor Roosevelt was a Great Leader of her time, and her influence has continued to this day.
Eleanor Roosevelt was born into a wealthy family, but had a difficult childhood all the same. She was described as a shy awkward child, made worse by losing both of her parents by the age of ten. While her grandmother took primary care of Eleanor, she insulted her looks, and consistently lowered her self esteem (National Women 's History Museum. n.d.). She was sent to a finishing school in England as a fifteen year old, and the headmistress took an interest in her, and became a positive role model which helped boost her self confidence and self esteem (Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. n.d.). Eleanor came back to the states a more confident woman, she involved herself in service and married Franklin D Roosevelt in 1905 (Editors, B. n.d.). She did not want to sit on the sidelines, and just be a pretty face, so when her husband experienced a polio attack in 1921 (Black, A. 2009) leaving his legs almost useless, she became his ‘legs and ears’, traveling the country keeping his interests alive as well as promoting her own (National Women 's History Museum. n.d.).
Strengths - Eleanor Roosevelt had reservations about being in the limelight, she did not want to just be a pretty face at her husband’s side, ...

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...ecome better and better everyday. She pushed on even when things seemed like they were falling apart or when she was put down for stepping ‘out of her place as a woman’. The only P from the Six P’s of Leadership that I do not see in Eleanor Roosevelt, is paranoia. It may be in there somewhere, I just do not see it.
Great leaders like Eleanor Roosevelt are out there, waiting to be acknowledged. They are there, waiting for their time to make a difference. Each and everyone will have their own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that they have to work either with or through, but each and every one either has or will make an impact on the world in their own unique way. Eleanor Roosevelt made her mark by helping those who could not help themselves and defining what a good First Lady should do, and setting the precedent and bar high for the future.

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