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The Elderly Population Essay

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The elderly population is also continuously growing in mental health needs, diversity, and in numbers; without saying, the common consensus is that the current workforce serving this population will not able to meet current or future demands. The fastest growing segment in the U.S. is people 65 years of age and older. From 13% in 2008, older adults will be at least 20% or more of our nation’s people by 2030. A pressing issue affecting older adults are the negative stereotypes manifesting from younger generations. These negative stereotypes can adversely affect not only the public’s attitudes and behavior, but professionals as well. It is extremely important that we as social workers provide culturally competent treatment including awareness of and sensitivity to aging; a universal process influenced by health, demographics, experience, and cultural beliefs. An important framework for those working with older adults is the lifespan developmental perspective; this perspective basically outlines that social resilience and psychological issues are developed over the course of a lifetime, not instantly just because of aging. Professionals working with older adults should utilize the strengths and use those to help the client adapt skills for continued psychological growth. The coming decades are expected to become even more diverse than generations before; the diverse genes and social choices among older adults surpasses that seen in generations before. The issues that may be experienced by older adults may differ with different factors such as age, gender, race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, disability status, living status, education, socioeconomic status, and religion. People with multiple minority statuses ha...

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...sues of relocation, living alone, and planning activities accordingly to leisure-time. (Rosalie Ambrosino, 2012)
Social workers will also work with older adults dealing with death with client’s loved ones or personal struggles. Assisting individuals and their families in interpersonal losses and protecting the dying person’s dignity, integrity, and right to choice will be the duties a worker will need to address at some point in their career. (Rosalie Ambrosino, 2012)
Serving as advocates for the elderly is one of the most important roles a social worker takes on while working with this population; providing a linkage between older adults and the services they need. A key function in working with this population is ensuring that the client being served is able to promote his or her independence, autonomy, and dignity. (National Association of Social Workers, 2014)

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The Elderly Population Essay

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