Essay on Elder Abuse on the Rise

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National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) is one of 27 Administration on Ageing-funded Resource Centers. The NCEA is the place to turn to for up-to-date information regarding research, training, best practices, news and resources on elder abuse, neglect and exploitation. The NCEA works to ensure that all older Americans will live with dignity, integrity, independence, and without abuse, neglect, and exploitation (NCEA, 2013).
In 2011, with a modest discretionary grant from the Administration on Ageing, the first Adult Protective Services Center was established. National Adult Protective Services (NAPSA) is now working to have the center institutionalized in the Older Americans Act with a level of funding comparable to those of other such centers (NAPSA, 2013).
Last year the Administration on Ageing, sponsored the Year of Elder Abuse Prevention (YEAP) to encourage national, state, and local organizations to protect seniors and raise awareness about elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation (AOA, 2013). In 2010, State and Area Agencies on Ageing provided services to a total of 10.5 million older persons which was consistent with the goals of the Older Americans Act (ACL, 2013). The continued effort and success of these organizations to prevent elder abuse is important and will remain a continuous effort as the population of elder Americans doubles in the future.
I recommend that The United States of America as a society increases its public awareness of Elder Abuse through more effective use of media coverage and sources. According to Wallace and Roberson (2011), there is a continuing failure to report and act on elder abuse. There should be diverse means to inform the community what their local organization does in the event of elder a...

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