Essay Elaborate or Simplify Trifles?

Essay Elaborate or Simplify Trifles?

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The play, Trifles, written by Susan Glaspell, establishes the discrepancy between men and women’s perception and roles during the early 1900s. Its title, Trifles is tied to the concept that is reemphasized many times in the play, which illustrates that women’s thoughts, observations, and voices were considered as trifles or something of which that has least significance to the society and its values. Glaspell gradually builds the plot up to a controversial murder mystery by giving each character specific attributes and by developing symbolism with the objects mentioned in the play. However, if the play was elaborated to incorporate more details of some factors such as characterization and background of Mr. Peters, Mr. Hale, Mrs. Peters, and Mrs. Hale for a movie, then it could possibly lose its mysterious sensitivity and hinder imagination of particular components of the mystery in the readers’ mind.
Glaspell has created the character of Henry Peters, who is portrayed as a middle-aged local sheriff and husband of Mrs. Peters and who criticizes the women, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters, on their findings by mocking at them stating, “They wonder if she was going to quilt it or just knot it” (Glaspell 1116). With the given information of the character, the reader is unable to relate the character to the mystery since Mr. Peters himself has not had any direct relationships with the Wrights before the incident. Even though Mr. Peters’ role in the play is minute, this limitation helps move the attention towards the women. Any addition to Henry Peters’ character such as incorporating his past experiences as a police officer would distract the reader and lose the flow of the play.
In addition to Mr. Peter’s character, Glaspell also introdu...

... middle of paper ... sets of flashbacks showing the obvious transformation of Mrs. Wright, through Mrs. Hale’s eyes.
In conclusion, it can be said that any enhancements or modifications to any characters’ roles or background can change the perception of the reader about the outcome of the story. Filming the play would definitely require additional information about each character, which can take away from the suspense or even add on to the gaps created by the limited narration of the original text. Over all as the director of the film, it is critical to keep the focus on Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hales because they two reveal most of what the Wrights life was and help unfold the murder mystery.

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