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El Paso And Puerto Paso Essay

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El Paso, TX is one of the safest cities in America while its neighboring city Juarez, Mexico has been known as one of the unsafest places in the world. Since El Paso and Mexico are so close to each other this directly reflects the culture and education that is in El Paso. The population of El Paso, Texas is 672,538. There are 60,000 students in 94 campuses in the district making El Paso Independent School District (EPISD) the 10th largest district in the state of Texas. EPISD has 48% percent of its students who are female and 52% are male. 83% of the students in the district are Hispanic, four percent are African American, ten percent are white and only one percent are Asian. 70% of the population in EPISD is economically disadvantaged. EPISD schools are located in the north and west side of El Paso. The district consists of many Elementary, Middle and High Schools. Along with Magnet, Auxiliary, and Specialty Schools. Terrace Hills and Bassett Middle are located 8.3 miles away from each other, both are located on the northwest side of El Paso which is very close to Fort Bliss, El Paso’s army base. The two schools both consist of grades 6th 7th and 8th.
Bassett Middle School
Bassett has a total of 745 students who attend the school, 258 are in the 6th grade, 250 in 7th grade and 237 in 8th grade. 72 percent of the students are Hispanic, 8.7 percent are African American, 14.1 percent are considered white, 0.7 percent are American Indian, 1.3 percent are Asian, 1.7 are Pacific Islanders and 0.8 percent are 2 or more races. This school is composed of mostly Hispanic students but every other race is represented in the school. 85.5 percent of the students are economically disadvantaged, 16.4 percent are Englis...

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...ers with over 20 years of experience.
The two schools are very much alike. Both schools have an equal amount of students per teacher, both are pretty much the same as far as ethnic distribution and, both the schools have about the same percentage of students who are economically disadvantaged. I believe a major issue on why Bassett Middle School does not meet the standards on the tests is because of the amount of students who are mobile. This number is at 29.2% which is much more then the state level of 17.9%. Changing schools often, as 29.2 percent of the students do in Bassett Middle; can be detrimental to a child’s education. The effect it has on education is clear when reviewing the scores of these two middle schools. Even though Bassett has less students at risk than Terrace Hills, Bassett falls short to the requirements placed by the state.

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