Essay about Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Essay about Einstein's Theory of Relativity

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Motion and time are fundamental components of life. Finding himself late to work, an employee will

drive faster, which in turn, will reduce the time needed to commute to his job. The rules of motion and

time are known intrinsically to every person on the planet. As children, these “Laws” become common

sense. No explanation is needed when a sleeping student falls out of his desk onto the floor. Motion and

time were always considered to be self-explanatory and obvious parts of everyday life. This was true until

a group of scientists who deemed themselves “Physicists” began challenging the known rules of motion

and explaining them using mathematics and experimentation. Isaac Newton was one of these founding

fathers of physics. His experiments in the 17th century focused on “Forces”: Pushes and pulls that made

matter move. Every physics student has been made familiar with his three laws of motion, and to this day,

these remain the fundamental rules of moving bodies on Earth. Newton would remain the most famous

physicist of all time until the early 1900's, when a new champion of physics set the world ablaze with

dreams of time travel, black holes, and a mysterious phenomenon dubbed “Relativity.” Albert Einstein’s

ideas revolutionized science and technology and opened a new field of theoretical physics concerned

with the origins and behavior of the universe as a whole. Many believe that only a person of Einstein’s

mental caliber could possibly comprehend The Theory of Relativity, but this is far from true. The concepts

behind this theory are accessible by most everyone, but it took a man of Einstein’s genius and

determination to see what so many had taken granted for many years. Understand...

... middle of paper ...

... field of study for aspiring theoretical physicists in the final search for a Unifying

Field Theory which may finally describe the dynamics of the universe.

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