Essay about Eight Wonders of the World: Eight Adopted Children.

Essay about Eight Wonders of the World: Eight Adopted Children.

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Eight Wonders of the World
Eight children. All just a little bit different from the rest. All with different parents and different genes and completely different deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that traces back to completely different parts of the world. Broken branches grafted onto a different family tree, as Shane Koyczan would say. They are all a part of the same family, though; all held together, to each other, by the same bond. They are now and forever linked together. They are brothers, sisters, and friends. My mother’s parents adopted Tim, Mary, Carolyn, Paul, Helen, Patrick, Maureen, and, my mother, Amy into a part of their family and they wouldn’t want it any other way.
Adoption is a way for people who want children and may not want or be able to go through having a biological child, for reasons such as sterility or not wanting to pass on genetic diseases, can; so that they can dote and spoil and have the perfectly happy family, savoring all the ups and downs because the ups and downs are what make a family perfect. Adoption is a way to give many children the homes and families they deserve, so they aren’t stuck in a harmful, repetitive system of foster homes and orphanages. Adoption can be seen as harmful to children, though, because of the few examples we have seen through the media of negligence and abuse and even symptoms expressed by parents of adopted children and the children themselves. We see things like Adopted Child Syndrome (ACS) which leads to emotions and behaviors displayed by the adopted child which are unhealthy to the child and those around him/her such as, “pathological lying, stealing … promiscuity, learning disabilities …and increasingly serious antisocial behavior” (Carangelo). But ACS is not being cau...

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