The Eight Steps Of Kotter 's Theory Of Change Essay

The Eight Steps Of Kotter 's Theory Of Change Essay

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Lewin’s theory of change involves three stages: unfreezing, moving and refreezing. Unfreezing involves preparing people for the change, moving involves acceptance of the need for change and then engaging in the implementation of the change and refreezing involves integrating the change and making it a part of the culture. (Grossman & Valgia, 2013, p. 142) John Kotter took the framework developed by Lewin and went one step farther, well really eight steps. He took those three stages and devised eight steps to complete the change process.
The eight steps of Kotter’s Model of Change include create a sense of urgency, form a coalition or team, create a vision for change and develop strategies to implement the change, communicate the vision and generate buy-in, empower others to act and remove obstacles, create short-term wins, build on the change and do not give up, anchor the change and create a new culture. (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, n.d.; Thompson, 2013)
Creating a sense of urgency involves identifying the need, defining the importance of acting immediately and communicating the need for change. One identified need in our organization is that nurses need to take their thirty minute uninterrupted meal break. This is important because nurses that work their entire shift without breaks have the potential to make more errors, suffer from fatigue and irritability and patient safety is impacted due to nurses not functioning optimally. Through observation during my shifts, I have heard staff express frustration with a lack of communication that occurs regarding when meal breaks are taken which leads to inadequate staffing on the floor during meal times. Staff have also voiced frustration and irritation with the number ...

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...ure patient and nurse safety. Units should talk about the difference meal breaks have made in their day. Patient satisfaction and patient safety such as fall occurrences should be trended to determine the effect of staff taking uninterrupted meal breaks. Ideally, patient satisfaction and patient safety trends should improve with nursing staff taking actual uninterrupted meal breaks. Trends should improve with the increased teamwork and communication resulting in answered call lights during breaks and awareness of where their nurse is when they do not see them or another nurse comes in to meet their needs. Upon hire, a routine of taking meal breaks should start from the very beginning and the expectation communicated with both the hire and their preceptor. Developing the routine during orientation should make it easier to keep the routine when practicing independently.

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