Essay on Egypt's First Ever Multi-Candidate Presidential Elections

Essay on Egypt's First Ever Multi-Candidate Presidential Elections

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During the years 2005-2011, legalized opposition was successfully domesticated by the Mubarak’s regime. It was weak, loyal, coopted, coerced and permit/agree to state clientalism.

Opposition as Weak:

The legalized opposition was weak externally in its effect on the regime’s policies and internally due to the fragmentations and divisions within the party.
Their external weakness can be seen through their voting behaviour in parliament. Will focus on their reaction to three vital issues deliberated in parliament from 2005-2010 namely the amendment of Article 76 of the constitution to allow for Egypt's first ever multi-candidate presidential elections (2005) seen as tailored for the grooming of Gamal Mubarak, extension of the notorious emergency law, and amendment of 34 articles in the constitution (2007) seen by MB and some liberals as a constitutional setback that aims to reinforce presidential powers, and provided the Shura Council with larger legislative role. The amendments also included the controversial decision to make sure that elections can be conducted in a single day eliminating judicial supervision as the case was before 2000. Despite rejections for the three moves by opposition and months of debate, there was no real action from the legalized opposition to resist them. Legalized opposition was reportedly among the broad opposing movement to the three moves. However they have a history of backtracking on the voting day. Their reaction varied between not showing up during the voting day (Wafdist Mahmoud Abaza in the 2007 voting on the amendment of 34 articles in the constitution) or showing up but abstaining from voting as or agreeing with the controversial law as Tagammu and Wafd parties did concerning the extens...

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For example, the court ruled that construction magnate Mohamed Murshidi, NDP candidate for the professional ( fiaat ) seat in the south Cairo district of Maadi, had relied on both the security forces and supervising judges to win the seat.
A report by the Court of Cassation implicated senior judge Mohamed Siddiq Borhan in election irregularities and in manipulating the results in favour of the NDP candidate. The court found that the Wafd candidate Fouad Badrawi had been well on the way to victory before “security forces swooped down on the vote- counting station and began, in coordination with the presiding judge, to change the results.” (Al-Ahram Weekly)
The 2010 parliamentary elections were another scandal Orchestrated by NDP where no opposition won a seat in the parliament and was probably one of the reasons that led to the 2011 revolution.

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