Egyptian Style Of Art And Clothing Essay

Egyptian Style Of Art And Clothing Essay

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Egypt was definitely one of the most influential periods to date, they became an amazing
civilization due to their advancements in architecture and culture, This is largely due to the
Egyptian style of art and clothing. The art and clothing was colorful, consistent, and structural.
They 're three different major times. There was the Old Kingdom which was about (2686 to 2181
B.C.E) In the Old Kingdom came prosperity and success as shown through the creation of the
greatest and largest pyramids in Egyptian history, the first King of this time is Djoser & During
the old kingdom time, the Egyptian kings were referred to as gods. Then there was the Middle
Kingdom (2055 to 1650 B.C.E.) In this time Nubia became the main trading spot along the Nile
river. Trading, arts, sculpting and literature all really flourished during this time, it was really the
time for political stability.The last was the New Kingdom (1550-1070 B.C.E).This was the time
Egypt really established a military base, they then quickly became the most powerful in the Near
East. The military was founded by Pharaoh Ahmose in the 18th Dynasty.
Egypt is divided into four major regions: Nile delta, the Libyan Desert, Sinai Peninsula
and of course the most influential the Nile Valley. Ancient Egyptians relied on the Nile to help
them develop into a prosperous and thriving civilization because much of their land was so dry
and hot a lot wouldn 't have been possible without the Nile. They relied on the Nile to grow their
crops. The Nile flooded for six months each year, then left behind a fertile layer of dirt as the
waters receded which then let the Egyptians grow crops. Egyptians also used the Nile as a trade
route because it was easier to move goods from one place to anothe...

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and human hair. Jewelry was worn by all different classes of the egyptians, especially and amulet
which was believed to protect the wearer because it would often have a symbol which has a
symbolic meaning of protection to them, so on the amulet it would have the ankh or eye of horus.
The amount of jewelry worn by an egyptian often indicated their level of wealth and social
Egypt is still today known a one of the most interesting richly historic places on earth.
Egypt has inspired many regions, specifically the Middle East, Europe and Africa.
Today sculpture is probably the most common example of Egyptian art that we have, Most of
these are pottery, figurines, and broken pieces of wall art sculptings. Egypt still inspires us today
whether it be the style or type of clothes we wear or jewelry there are definitely still traces of
egypt history in modern times.

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