Egyptian Geography : The Great River Essay example

Egyptian Geography : The Great River Essay example

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The most unique feature of the Egyptian geography is the great Nile river, which runs the length of the country. Small towns and larger villages are connected by the great river which periodically brings life to the people from the recurrent inundation to the adjacent communities. A main reason why this recurring flood of water is so important is due to the area 's hot desert climate, from which the sun is the primary contributor. Consequently, the sun and the river have both a literal and religious role in the sustenance of Egypt’s people. This influence can be observed by examining the Egyptian places of worship which include sacred temples and tombs. Through the study of religious practice and architecture in Egypt, it is clear to see how the Nile river, water vessels, and the sun play an essential role in Egyptian religious beliefs.
The Nile river is geographically located at the southern border of Egypt. Every year, the Nile river is flooded and has a major beneficial impact for the people living near the river banks. As a consequence of this periodic life-giving attribute of the river, an important emphasis can be observed in Egyptian religious beliefs. For example, in ancient Egyptian religion, Khnum is the early God of the flood and “Nun” is the religious representation of the watery abyss. A closer investigation of Khnum reveals that man is made of dirt and water and the Nun existed before creation and it is visualized as water which would then bring fertility and birth after the floodwaters. Upon further observation of the religious beliefs, we find that Hapy, the God of Inundation is also associated with the Nile river. Hapy is often represented using blue, symbolizing the color of water, with papyrus reeds on th...

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...ntal religious beliefs of the people. Included in those findings are stone model representations of boats, paintings, inscriptions and other evidence of a sacred link to the holy ideals of the Egyptian people. The architectural attributes, including waterways located inside the temples is a prime example of the spiritual importance that water, and more specifically, the Nile river, played in the lives of Egypt’s people. The annual inundation was as much a life-giving occurrence as it was an integral part of their spiritual beliefs. Furthermore, the depiction of the sun also located inside the religious architecture defined a large part of their faith. Overall, we can see how the Egyptian people’s religious practices and architecture which were epitomized by boats, the Nile, and the sun, each contributed to the sacred convictions of Egypt 's’ people.
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