The Egyptian Ankh, A Symbol Of The Ancient Civilization Essay

The Egyptian Ankh, A Symbol Of The Ancient Civilization Essay

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The Egyptian ankh is a well-known symbol of the ancient civilization that thrived thousands of years ago. Representative of both life and the afterlife, the ankh was relevant in many aspects of daily routine for Egyptians, used in religious ceremonies, rituals, and found within tombs. The ankh in the image is gold in color, with a prominent scarab beetle in the center.
In the middle of the ankh, a scarab beetle is surrounded by several colorful accents. The wings of the scarab are devised of two different shades of blue. Larger, dark blue rounded rectangles are on the outside of the scarab; smaller turquoise pieces comprise the inner portion of the wings. The body of the scarab is a blue-gray, hazel color, whereas the legs are slightly darker, a black-blue color. The wings contrast with the scarab, the scarab being one large stone and the wings made of many small, delicate pieces. Above the scarab are three red stones, each with a polished sheen. The largest of the stones is located directly above the scarab, with the two smaller stones off to the sides. Beneath these circles are two designs that are repeated on both sides of the scarab. From top to bottom, the colors used to create the pattern are dark blue, a light brown, finally followed by turquoise. Beneath the scarab is a large, somewhat flat turquoise semicircle. Underneath the semicircle are three large dark blue spikes, containing another two dark spikes and four turquoise spikes within them. The scarab is very large and centralized; with the addition of the design around it, emphasis is placed heavily upon the beetle. The repeated usage of the dark blue and turquoise colors also provide contrast within the ankh between the brighter and more opaque colors. The vividness ...

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...vily mirror each other. The overall design of the ankh is delicate, with small pieces and thin lines present around the entire piece. The ankh itself is rather thick, and there are some larger stones, such as the three red ones near the top and body of the scarab that add contrast to the more subtle aspects of the image.
The ankh in the image uses symbols and styling heavily reflective of the time period during which it was made. The scarab beetle is highlighted directly in the center by the design around it, and the consistent hieroglyphics around the entire piece help bring attention to the beetle as well. The colors used in the inlaid stones are bright, standing out against the metallic gold background. The ankh is an important symbol of ancient Egypt, illustrated by the effort and work that likely went into the creation of this particular ankh shown in the image.

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