Egypt 's Influence On Ancient Egypt Essay

Egypt 's Influence On Ancient Egypt Essay

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The culture and traditions of Egypt have captured the attention of the rest of the world for ages. Egypt’s ability to conserve the past and succeed with little change is what makes it stand out. Egypt has managed to modernize while conserving its original traditions and practices. Today, many aspects of Egypt’s ancient culture exist in interaction with newer elements, including the influence of modern Western culture, itself with roots in Ancient Egypt. Modern Egypt is similar to Ancient Egypt in many ways, except that it is more functional and is known for being a center of learning. Egypt today is a more desirable place to live than Ancient Egypt was.
Ancient Egypt maintained unbelievably complex and stable structure which aided in the many advancements made during that time period. Thanks to its geographical location, invasions were not a major threat and Egypt was able to survive for much longer than other ancient civilizations. The civilization was unified under one monarch, the Pharaoh. This unification started a long line of dynasties of pharaohs and these dynasties influenced the development of Egypt’s cultural, political, and economic growth. All aspects of the culture such as art, religion, architecture, and literature were blossoming. The Egyptian writing system was one of its most astounding achievements by far. This system consisted of more than 700 symbols. They wrote hieroglyphics and hieratics on walls, tombs, pyramids, and papyrus scrolls. The Rosetta Stone is one example of ancient Egyptian writings. It was composed of three different languages by a group of priests in honor of a pharaoh. The pharaoh was often honored in many ways, and was a highly respected figure within the society. “In 1922, Howard Carter, a ...

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...s, lawyers, scientists, civil servants, and small business owners. Many women have even taken positions of authority in businesses and some have started their own businesses. (Life)
Many traditions and rituals practiced in ancient Egypt are no longer practiced today. Mummification and burial in the pyramids are no longer performed. Modern Egypt is predominantly Muslim, however, in the past it was largely influenced by polytheistic beliefs and Christianity. Also Arabic is the modern language, while Coptic was the language spoken in ancient Egypt.
Though Egypt has evolved and is considered very different from its former self, one constant that has remained the same is its politic importance. Transitioning from its role as a regional superpower in ancient times, to the being an agricultural breadbasket for Rome, to being the cultural core for the Arab world.

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