The Efficiency of the Modern Day Soldier Essay

The Efficiency of the Modern Day Soldier Essay

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Mankind has been engaged in many conflicts throughout history. Each conflict and battle has brought new weapons that have resulted in an increase in combat deaths. The development of these new weapons has also forced the development of new ways to protect and enhance the survival of the soldiers. U.S. soldiers are safer and more efficient today because of technological advances in robotic warfare, nonlethal weapons, and vehicles, and improved soldier equipment.
The efficiency of the modern day soldier has improved because of the new technology in robotic warfare. Specifically, the development of drones and robots has changed the way wars are fought. For example, development of the Predator Drones has increased the safety of American fighter pilots. Fewer pilots now have to risk being killed while in battle. Drones a more cost effective alternative to manning the aircraft than risking the life of a pilot. Likewise, if a drone is shot down the craft can be immediately destroyed by a recovery team so that the planes technology is not compromised. Next, drones are also used for surveillance. The Ashima Devices Company has developed a helicopter that is small enough to clip onto a soldier’s standard field gear. These unmanned aircrafts allow for the US government to carry out certain tasks that would otherwise be lethal or harmful to a US solider will being thousands of miles away from the battle. These miniature helicopters can provide the soldiers with a real time 3D view of the battlefield which can help soldiers find their targets and take them out. These helicopters even have thermal imaging which allows them to locate targets hidden by smoke or other objects. Also, a new drone in development is called the Mosquitoes. This dron...

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...ew and demobilize other tanks.(Brinna)
Over all the years of development of all these new tech. The one thing that war brings no matter what is death. The unlamented price of war is death but with the new advancements that have been developed we are able to reduce this price. There is only one true reason why we need this; it is to make our troops safer and more efficient.

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