Essay about The Effects On The Environment

Essay about The Effects On The Environment

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Passing of the years, development and growth of the planet have been guided to create and produce new things to satisfy human needs with industrialization and modernization regardless the consequences that occurred in the environment. Once, the environment was evaluated, and analysed the impact of people in it, all the effects were vast, for example weakening of the ozone layer, acid rain, decreased natural resources like water, the exploitation of natural resources, effects on air quality, contamination of rivers, deforestation; we realize the damage, we 've been defiling our planet and therefore our quality of life. Some says that engineers don’t have to be worried about the consequences of their acts in the ecological or social field, but the environment 's ability to renew itself is minimized compared to the high values of consumption and human growth we are generating. Bell (2011), engineers have a main roll to generated process and designs according to decrease those high values thinking in sustainable development according to approach lower levels.
Sustainability it’s a concept that involves everybody, because each one have the responsibility to keep and guarantee the continuity of our specie. Gilroy (2010) points out engineers have a social and ethical professional responsibility to do all their work concentrate to find the ways to make every design o products friendly with the earth without forget the economic and social impact can be occurred. In this sense engineers must to work in a sustainability line and keep balanced between people, planet and profits. Also Jonker (2012:55) stated there are different governmental requirements as BAT (best available techniques) or Safety regulations have become very strict over the ...

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...development depends on the context.
Engineers have a main role to balance People, Planet and Profit in pro to manage natural resources and environmental impacts. With the appearance of new degrees as environmental engineering, knowledge of professional ethics, society requirements to have a better word and recognition of the need to slow the damage to the planet and natural resources engineers must step forward and create the tools for sustainable development. In my opinion I’m totally disagree with the title, the evidence presented demonstrate that Sustainability is a realistic concern for engineers. As Bell (2011) say “Understanding engineering as a hybrid, socio-technical profession can help develop new ways or working that acknowledge the importance of technology and infrastructure in shaping social relationships that are central to achieving sustainability”.

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