Effects on Drug Use for Teenagers Essay

Effects on Drug Use for Teenagers Essay

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Drug use has been a major problem for many years. Many of the users are teenagers, experimenting with this temptation. Teenagers may often be tempted by friends, or being tempted by seeing other people using drugs. Drugs may feel, or be fun to use, but drugs might also have a major impact on someone’s life. Drugs can affect someone’s life by damaging their health. Using a drug can be very addictive, and that can lead to an overdose, or suicide. Someone may also get in trouble by the police, if they catch anyone with drugs. Couple great impacts that someone might have as a teenager would be starting to ditch class, and may affect family relationship. Those are some of the impacts that can affect a teenager’s life.
One great impact, or effect that someone might have on using drugs as a teenager, would be starting to ditch class. One of the most popular drugs is marijuana. Most teenagers tend to use marijuana a lot. The article states that someone who often smokes marijuana on a daily basis affects someone’s mental and physical actions. Marijuana tends to bring down the users intelligent levels, and that can lead to getting bad grades in school. (National institute on drug abuse, par.1) people who tend to get bad grades in school start to ditch, and maybe end up dropping out of school. Another reason why someone would ditch class would be by a confidant telling him to ditch, in order for them to go get high. Someone would ditch class because he might feel anxious on wanting to use a drug. Ditching class is an effect that someone might have on using drugs as a teenager.
Use of drugs on teenagers may affect family relationships in many ways. Once someone’s family finds out he, or she is using drugs, disappointment st...

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...mount of the drug, they can also die. There are bodies that can’t handle a drug, and someone can result in a bad state, or cause death to the person. Drugs tend to bring suicidal thoughts into someone. Drugs can bring depression into someone, and the person can commit suicide. Someone tends to also use drugs to commit suicide, by exceeding the dosage. Suicide and overdose are great impacts on drug users.
Drug use has been a major problem for many years. Many of the users are teenagers, experimenting with the temptation on using a drug. Drugs can affect someone’s life by damaging their health. Drugs can be addictive, and they can bring suicide, or an overdose on someone. Drugs affect family relationships, and education. Drugs can really affect someone’s life. Drugs can have a great impact on someone, stay out of drugs, and live a nice, healthy lifestyle.

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