The Effects on Children Raised In Dysfunctional Households Essay

The Effects on Children Raised In Dysfunctional Households Essay

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The Effects on Children Raised In Dysfunctional Households

Family dysfunction is a condition that interferes with, and inhibits a healthy family functioning. Throughout their time living amongst each other, most families will have some periods in which their functioning may be impaired. Healthy families usually return to normal functioning after a crisis such as a death in the family, or a parent’s illness ending. There is always a substantial impact on the lives of children being raised in dysfunctional families, who later grow up with negative effects, such as their developing their own irrational behaviors (Hunt Web). Some common types of dysfunctional families may include substance abuse, emotional and mental problems, child neglect, gambling addictions, religious fundamentalist families, alcoholism, child abuse, or extreme parental rigidity. Children in dysfunctional families do not always get their needs met, and the negative patterns of parental behavior usually prevail over the children’s lives.
Hunt explains that children raised from dysfunctional families may normally suffer from low self-esteem, feel depressed or anxious, and that they may self-sabotage their goals and dreams and failing to actualize their potential (Web). Moreover, these kinds of children may unwittingly act out of a life script that had been written by early the negative programming,
These children may later seem out of touch with their feelings, spirituality, and other challenges that may arise from their stormy childhood with a spoiled self (Blair Web).

Uninvolved Parents
Uninvolved parents typically provide for their children’s basic and physical needs, but lack the emotional connection. They are distant and aloof, frequently attempt to ado...

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...he truth is that maladaptive coping strategies such as drugs and alcohol, will deter us from mitigating any of the negativity we are facing, and eventually lead to high risk behaviors which will potentially result in worse problems.

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