Effects on Animals in Zoos Essay

Effects on Animals in Zoos Essay

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Have you ever felt sorry for animals in a cage? Animals are held captive all over the world; approximately over 1,700 species of animals are in a zoo. The effect of an animal being in a zoo can vary; some animals end up dying, while others are left there in a cage with nothing to do. Zoos have been around since about 1250 B.C, most leaders would use animals as entertainment and for fighting. For example, bears and bulls were chained together and fight another. Over four hundred bears were killed in one single day. After zoos were for entertainment, animals started fighting the humans, so they caged them. Zoo expert, David Hancocks believes that zoos need to change their idea of keeping animal’s hostage before many species die out. David believes that most zoos do not prevent animals from being extinct; it puts an animal in misery. Because animals are kept in zoos, animals are treated as abused captures (Jennifer 2).
Not only it is about how animals feel, it is the way they are treated. Some trainers are abusive; in China, The Shenyang animal zoo let a various amount of Siberian tigers to starve in a very cold winter for countless months. Not only were they starved, they were all being mated more than they should have been, and they sold them for more liquor. Thus it is a known fact in China there are more than 50 zoos that abuse their animals, most animals are put up on restaurants to be eaten. Bob Barker, the famous “Price is Right” host took a visit to Cherokee, North Carolina and found about a dozen bears on the side of the road; starving, and their nearly helpless. One bear was known to be thrown around by one of the employees by the scruff (“Pitiful Prisons”). Most zoos provide healthy snacks to their captive animals, to ke...

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