Essay about The Effects Of Zola On The Miners Of This Time And Their Families

Essay about The Effects Of Zola On The Miners Of This Time And Their Families

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I believe that Zola was sympathetic to the miners of this time and their families because he used his main character Etienne to educate readers on the living conditions of these miners. He described with great clarity the way in which they lived so closely to one another with neighbors being able to hear one another through thin walls, and how they never made enough money to even afford a loaf of bread after paying for debts and rent. Zola described their day to day life by providing detail on how a miner’s day usually went from the time they awoke at three in the morning to go to work until the time they prepared for bed, only to follow the same monotonous routine the next day. He then also contrasted the miners’ way of living to that of the owners and shareholders of the Montsou Company. He took us into the home of the Gregoires whose annual income came directly from a hold in the Montsou mines. Unlike the miners’, the Gregories awoke at nine in the morning and sometimes even later because they devoted a lot of time to sleeping in. They had an annual income of forty thousand francs, always had ample amounts of food on their table, and lived a comfortable, luxurious lifestyle. Zola wanted the readers to understand and see with great clarity the differences between those of the poor working class and those from the upper middle class. He wanted the reader to sympathize with the poor working class people of the mining village Two Hundred and Forty in order to better understand why they chose to revolt against the Company.
Zola uses the main character, Etienne Lantier, to further educate the readers and sets him up to be the leader of the strike against the Monstou Company. Through Etienne, Zola expresses the need for a strike to...

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... the behaviors of these women who she believed were the victims of prostitution because they lacked education and felt they had no other options available to them. She wanted to save the women and fought hard to prove that men were in the wrong because it was them who allowed for this immoral act to continue. The women who served as prostitutes did so as a result of the sexual double standard in place during the Victorian era. During this time, sex was about power and control with the men dominating over the women. Women were expected to be submissive no matter the circumstances. Butler wanted others to see that the men were the ones who needed to be condemned for their actions because they were the reason prostitution had such high rates, and she knew that in order for this to happen there had to be a stop to the ongoing sexual double standard in place at the time.

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