The Effects Of Wind Energy On Fossil Fuels Essay

The Effects Of Wind Energy On Fossil Fuels Essay

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There is a significantly, important abundance of renewable energy resources in Canada, especially wind energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy. These three energy resources are a key component to a green economy and environmental solutions to fossil fuels (Bauer, G., 2014). Comparatively, a news article suggests that wind energy is more dependent on fossil fuels than it is on wind; therefore, wind energy should be called “fossil-energy” (Spencer, J., 2015, March 2). There is even a “nocebo effect,” the opposite of the placebo effect, coming into effect where there are wind farms being placed (Holtz, S., 2013). Plus, the technology used in the wind turbines becomes uneconomically friendly due to the maintenance work; however, technology does change overtime and so might the wind turbines.
In Canada, there is significantly more wind than solar and geothermal than other countries in the world. As of recently, there are now enough wind farms to produce enough energy for three million homes (Klein, R., 2015, January 15). In 2006, that would have powered almost a quarter of the household populations in Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada). Although Canada has had a “low score in environmental sustainability because of our high per-capita emission intensity,” we still “saw an increase in clean-energy investment last year” of the three G-20 countries who did. However, Canada did rank sixth in 2013 in the world for total investment in renewable energy (Bauer, G., 2014).
Canada has a better chance of becoming more dependent on wind due to the fact that Canada has better wind resources than the rest of the countries in the world. A wind farm, in Canada, would be able to produce 50 percent more power than the equivalent struc...

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... Whitmore compares the two studies between the REF study and the study by Staffell and Green. The REF study relies on statistical methods rather than using the physical data. Not to mention, that very large investments are being made into wind farms, which suggests that there is a great “deal of unpublished analysis the REF study” (Whitmore, A., 2015, January 15). Similarly, Staffell and Green’s work tends to not say what is driving the results. These analyses and methods can skew the results and debates, for that matter.
In conclusion, wind energy may provide a greener alternative to fossil fuels since it is using a third less of the world’s fossil fuels than before. A greener route would be to combine to forces of solar a geothermal energy, too. No matter what, any renewable energy resource would have positive and negative effects on the world and its population.

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