Effects Of White Supremacy And Its Effects On Colonized Countries Essay

Effects Of White Supremacy And Its Effects On Colonized Countries Essay

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The Influence of White Supremacy and Its Effects on Colonized Countries

Humans always crave more and so all around the world in every continent before the colonial era people had either lived in harmony or fought battles to own land and salves. As kingdoms increase and kings or chiefs become powerful they begin to seek more fame and conquest, hence the colonial era and the exploration of the world by Europe. The British kingdom flourished highly than other European countries because of its geographical location, being close to large body of water demanded that they had a suitable means of transport hence the ships. They also had irons which lead to early civilization and the making of guns. With these means they began exploring the world, invading Africa, America, Australia and many other countries.

During these explorations they came in contact with people of different color, languages and ways of living. These people and their culture were different from theirs and they viewed it through the lens of their culture and usually find many of this cultures wanting. They set sails around the world to find lands but they never anticipated the difference in cultures and the instant they witnessed it, they ruled it out as primitive compared to their way of life. Then they began creating changes that all but altered the natural progression of things. Their culture in their eyes supersedes that of the primitives; hence it was left to them to bring civilization to the uncivilized. And in so doing they created more havoc to the land rather than accepting their culture. An example is how king Leopold made the Congolese in West Africa, till their soils for groundnuts, ignoring the irrigation system the natives has practiced for years. This ...

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...ntrolling of the social and economic status of countries that were independent on their own before the invasion. Although they pulled out from other countries giving them their independence but it was a little too late, the damage was already done. Even after their departure they still wielded power and control these countries in the guise of being a mentor or helping them. Years later the impact of their invasion is not a thing that could be written off completely from history, because either good or bad their effect has in so many ways altered the ways of living of many indigenous people. Unfortunately, we would never be able to completely erase the issue of race nor would we be able to take away the privileges the whites took for themselves. Even though it is not said out loud by the whites themselves or is not recognized, others recognize them as a supreme race.

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