The Effects of Weight Loss Advertising Essay

The Effects of Weight Loss Advertising Essay

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All women desire beauty. As myriads of women seek a perfect body shape and attractiveness, they will have interest in having weight loss treatment. In fact, losing weight has come into a vogue. People, especially female, do not take their weight into serious account but follow the others blindly and participate in weight loss programmes. Patently, the main culprit of this phenomenon is the omnipresent weight loss advertisements. The slimming companies use advertising as a tool to inculcate the concept that being thin is equal to beauty into people’ minds. The repetitive weight loss advertisements seem to be successful in conveying the wrong message to every citizen. Some girls who are of tender age may easily be susceptible to the advertisements and participate in the weight loss treatment without a second thought. The weight loss advertising has definitely caused adverse effects on the youngsters and women. The adverse effects are in threefold. They are giving an illusion to women, coercing them into losing weight and providing a wrong means to lose weight.

The first adverse effect of weight loss advertising is that it gives an illusion to women that being thin means beauty. The slimming companies recruit many beautiful celebrities to be the spokespersons. They post the photos before and after having treatment of those celebrities. Then, they made a comparison of those photos and exaggerated the beauty of after losing weight. In this case, women who are satisfied about their body initially may lose their confidence when comparing to those celebrities. They may find themselves imperfect and would consider the need of having those treatments. In fact, being thin is beautiful is partly correct only. It cannot apply to all females...

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... about the practical and useful ways to lose weight rather than believing all the words mentioned in advertisements.

In short, the weight loss advertising has definitely caused several adverse effects that most women are already misled by the advertisements that being thin is equal to beauty. In order to redeem this undesirable situation, Government must take the initiative in educating people about the useful means of losing weight and what is real beauty. Furthermore, they should try to regulate the message that the weight loss advertisements try to convey to the citizens. They should avoid any consciousness of discrimination against fat people appeared in the advertisements. Only if the above measures are being taken, can the atmosphere of losing weight stops eventually and less women will fall victim to the weight loss advertisements.

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