Essay on The Effects Of Water Pollution On Texas State

Essay on The Effects Of Water Pollution On Texas State

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“Like a man who has been dying for many days, a man in your city is numb to the stench.” -Chief Seattle
Such is the condition of Texas waterways. The surging population in Texas, the numerous pharma, chemical and oil industries, landowners, farmers and other residents have been recklessly using water. Water is a limited resource and our best efforts in recycling, reusing and conserving water have not yielded the desired results. Climatic changes over the past few decades may have resulted in unpredictable rainfall in Texas. It is important to conserve water without polluting it. It is shocking to know that the drinking water has traces of arsenic, cyanide, nitrates, asbestos and mercury and lead. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Geological Survey after conducting studies have shown that water samples containing growth hormones, various antibiotics,birth control drugs, and many other chemicals end up in ground water. The Trinity River is highly polluted with bacteria from sewage. The high water pollution in Texas State by various sources causes environmental hazards and life threatening diseases like cancer and nerve damage; thus the government and community should intensify their efforts to reduce pollution and make drinking water safe.
The State ranks the highest in water pollution next only to Indiana according to an Environment Texas report. According to Luke Metzger of Environment Texas news release, Tyson Foods, which is one of the leading meat and poultry producers in the world and produces forty-four percent of beef, chicken and poultry is the major cause of large scale pollution to Texas waterways. As per livestock production data, the industry makes more than fifty-five million tons of manur...

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... on the economy, environment and society. Everyone should judiciously use water in a sustainable community. Not everyone has the wherewithal to implement a home water filtration system which can remove hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, lead, asbestos, pharmaceuticals and pathogens from our drinking water. Industries and public should take it seriously and not consider profit alone as it goals. They should have ethical responsibility to reduce water pollution and conserve it. EPA and other water utilities board should strictly monitor and take action against violators. Water pollution abatement plans should be made and implemented.
Thus, the government and community should take the above steps on an urgent basis to reduce and manage the alarming proportions of water pollution in Texas that causes cancer and other dangerous diseases and make drinking water safe.

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